Consistent Payrolls – Confirmation

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Last week’s annual benchmark revision to the Payroll Survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics finally removed the erroneous and significant surge that was introduced a year ago. This was the 423,000 jobs gain for November 2014 which we referred to in our Consistent Payrolls Series introduction early last year.  This number was a… Read more » Read More

Payrolls Watch: Growth Breaks Trend

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Updating our look at the October 2015 payrolls, where we compared the year-to-year growth with the rolling 3-month growth. The three-month growth rate (annualized) has broken through to the upside of the still down-trending year-over-year growth rate. The annual percentage growth to December 2015 of 1.9% is still below the 2.3% recorded for the year… Read more » Read More

Payroll Growth Is Not Growing

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The past two months’ seasonally adjusted changes are being viewed as signs of a robust pick-up in growth. But in the medium to long term perspective that is needed with so much month-to-month noise, revision and adjustment – growth is slowing. On a percentage basis, both year-over-year, and a rolling quarterly growth (annualized) are both… Read more » Read More

JOLTS vs Payroll Survey

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We compare and contrast the two surveys, looking for clues to the October “surge” in Payrolls. The new, September JOLTS data neither confirms nor denies. Read More

Why All The Fuss?

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Much was made of the October Payrolls Survey’s headline growth figure of 271,000 in comparison with the growth rates for August and September of 153,000 and 137,000 respectively. Read More