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U3 unemployment rate

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The BLS U.3 unemployment rate remained unchanged in December (as reported today) at a rounded 3.5%.

The Labor Force Participation rate remained unchanged December at 63.2%.

The Employment/Population Ratio remained unchanged at 61%.

The contribution of these two factors to the Unemployment Rate is shown in the chart below.

U3 Contributions

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The relationship between the three measures is as follows:

UR = (LR – ER) / LR

Where LR is the Labor Force Participation Rate, and ER is the Employment Ratio.

Note how a decrease in the participation rate on its own, reduces the unemployment rate: The number of available workers drops, and thus there are relatively fewer unemployed – even in the absence of job growth. This is what has happened in the recovery since the “Great Recession”.

Labor Force Participation Rate

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Employment Population Ratio

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More detailed Labor Force Participation Charts and Employment Ratio Charts

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