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GDP: 3rd Qtr grew at 3.5% Annualized

The 3.5% includes a 1.2% contribution from Private Consumption, 1.3% from Exports and a significant 0.7% from Defense expenditures.

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Advance Manufacturing: October Durable Goods Down 1.3%

A drop in New Orders for September of $3.2bn or 1.3%, with the bulk of that coming from a $2.8bn drop in orders for commercial (Non-Defense) aircraft and parts manufacturing. The value of shipments was flat although still up 5.7% for the year.

Payroll Survey Preview

Here are the mathematical trend numbers which are produced in advance by the ExpliStats modeling of the BLS seasonal adjustment process. The trends here are what could be expected for September, given the seasonally-adjusted BLS trends established through August.

CPI-U index drops 0.2% in August.

Gas prices drop 4.1% and contribute 0.25% drop to the index. Annual CPI-U inflation now at 1.71%.
CPI-W inflaiton rate now 1.60%.